YOGA FAM Festival Tempel 2 - Vienna Würstelstand

YOGA FAM Festival Tempel 2

March 5, 2020

A one day Yoga Festival to find your center at

YOGA FAM Festival Tempel 2

When: SAT, March 14, 10am–8pm
Where: WUK
Entry: free, donations welcome

This Saturday, you can attend this one day festival at WUK. The festival is all about yoga, drinking Chai, getting to know more about Ayurveda, feeling glowy and immersing yourself in good vibes. You can choose from all types of yoga, from Yin Yoga to Techno Yoga, to Hula Hooping (wait! that’s not yoga!), and a workshop about essential oils. If you fancy something challenging, you can purchase yourself a combi ticket, which includes a yoga session + a workshop unit. (Note: that you should let them know which classes you want to attend, due to limited spaces). The whole event is fuelled by donations.

Recommended if you like: yoga, Electro, Shavasana, essential oils, good food for your gut (and mind), holding in a fart while doing the downward dog, celebrating others and yourself, good vibes, feeling young and fresh like a newborn baby afterwards, wearing yoga pants all day long

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