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Yoga am Steg with natural HIGH – outdoor yoga in Vienna

Get bendy, waterside

Yoga am Steg with natural HIGH

When: every Saturday & Sunday, 8:30am–9:45am
Where: Das Bootshaus
Entry: 10€, buy a ticket
Equipment: mats are available

Das Bootshaus is your place to be if you wanna relax, go your yoga thing and recharge your batteries in pure nature this summer. They’ll be hosting yoga sessions on a boardwalk right outside the restaurant, with a view over the Alte Donau and the Gänsehäufelbad. Teachers from the yoga crowd, natural HIGH, guide yogis through relaxed sun salutations, the basics of yoga Asanas and some breathing and relaxation techniques.

Recommended if you like: getting up early on the weekend, making the most of your weekends, the possibility of you falling into the water while doing some crazy moves with your body, making funny faces while concentrating, finding inner peace

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