17 Years of MAINFRAME - Vienna Würstelstand

17 Years of MAINFRAME

September 2, 2019

A huge D’n’B party at the Gasometer


When: SAT, September 7, 10pm–6am
Where: Gasometer
Entry: 24.20€ (available here), 25€ on the door

Austria’s number one Drum and Bass record label, Mainframe, is turning 17 and unsurprisingly they are throwing a little party… well, this may be a little bit of an understatement. There will be a vast array of DJs throwing out their best DnB beats to a sweaty and hungry crowd in the Gasometer. This will probably be the biggest party of the month. Here’s a taste of what it will sound like:

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass, getting out of town for a party, super sweet sixteens, that ringing sound you get from standing to close to a speaker, not being able to her your boss berate you on a Monday Morning, smiling and nodding

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