WU Sommerfest - Vienna Würstelstand

WU Sommerfest

June 7, 2019

Party at the Economics Uni

WU Sommerfest

When: THU, June 13, 3pm–11pm
Where: WU Campus
Entry: free!

For students and anybody else who’s up for a summer fest, this summer event is set in one of the greatest architectural spaces in Vienna: the famous WU campus (many Instagram accounts would not be what they are today without this setting).

This university’s summer fest is not only meant for students: it starts off with some children’s shows, continues with some sports events, breakdance shows, live music and DJs all the way into the night. There is a good group of food trucks that will be there and many freebies by brands wanting to associate themselves with Vienna’s intellectual elite (including after dark, when part of the elite is found puking in the bushes).

Recommended if you like: booze at student prices, speeches, seeing your friends outside the classroom, celebrating the upcoming summer holiday, people in their 20s, sneaking in drinks, summer, university parties, forever young parties, polo Shirts with the collars uptunes.

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