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Wilde Kinder_ Ein Sommerprogramm

Relax while someone else takes care of your kids

Wilde Kinder_ Ein Sommerprogramm

When: every Tuesday, 2pm–5pm
Where: Wild im West
Entry: 3€, sign up via mail

This one goes out to all the parents who are desperate to find entertainment for their kids so they can relax and finally get a rest – your exhausted and tired prayers have been answered! Every Tuesday afternoon, you can enjoy a coffee, cake and refreshing drinks at the new Wild im West space while your kids are super busy taking part in workshops. Every week is different, with themes ranging from crafting dolls to zero waste to fairy tales! Check out the facebook event for more information about the program! 

Recommended if you like: resting, not having to entertain your kid all day long, appropriate entertainment for your kid instead of just handing them a phone or ipad to play with (even though at this point you’re considering it), talking to other parents, feeling like great parents

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