Wickie, Slime und Paiper at Cabaret Fledermaus - Vienna Würstelstand

Wickie, Slime und Paiper at Cabaret Fledermaus

August 1, 2019

Your monthly dose of 70s and 80s classics is on

Wickie, Slime und Paiper

When: SAT, August 10, 9pm–5am
Where: Cabaret Fledermaus
Entry: 10€

Travel back in time this Saturday to an era when people supposedly had a lot more fun, and a lot less cares. One thing you can gaurantee yourself about partying at the Fledermaus is that the tunes will be on fleek. Our memories of this place’s 60s nights are of air guitaring through many a song on the stage, while pretending we were some kind of rock god…

Recommended if you like: Michael Jackson, ABBA, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, big stilettos, old school music, playing the air guitar in your underpants at home in your living room, how your ass looks in tight lycra, partying underground

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