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WestLicht feiert 180 Jahre Fotografie!

August 2, 2019

WestLicht feiert
180 Jahre Fotografie!

Check out this event honouring the camera

WestLicht feiert 180 Jahre Fotografie!

When: MON, August 19, 2pm–10am
Where: WestLicht
Entry: free!

It´s been 180 years since the human being was introduced to photography. And the WestLicht is honoring this revolutionary invention by opening up their doors on a day in August for anyone who´s interested in the magic of the camera. You can take part in various workshops and a discussion about the history of photography. And for all the nerds out there – there will be a special focus on Daguerréotype (a photographic process from back in the days). And yes, of course will there will also be a bar.

Recommended if you like: being nerdy, being fascinated by the inventions of humans, bore your friends with actually really interesting facts about photography, learning something new, going to events only to get drunk, WestLicht, knowing how to talk photography talk

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