Weihnachtstankstelle - Vienna Würstelstand


November 23, 2019

A Christmas petrol station…ummmmm


When: FRI–SUN, December 6–8, 5pm–9pm (SUN: 12pm–6pm)
Where: Kunsttankstelle Ottakring
Entry: free!

This is not an actual gas station (that would be an interesting choice of location), but you can think of it as a place to fuel your Christmas spirit. There will be a bunch of stands hosted by artisan craft makers, and products will include stuff like soaps, jewellery, ceramics, textiles, and more. And should you find yourself in desperate need of a refill, then we’d suggest tanking up on the Punsch they’ll be serving there (that was the last petrol-related pun – promise).

Recommended if you like: drinking Punsch like its coming straight from the petrol pump (we lied!), metaphors, things that are not quite what their name implies, the smell of petrol stations

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