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Weihnachts-Kreativworkshop für Kinder

December 1, 2017

für Kinder

Surrender the kids to half a day of Christmas creativity 

Weihnachts-Kreativworkshop für Kinder

When: FRI, December 8, 9am–5pm
Where: Biolino
Entry: 39€ per child (33€ if you surrender two plus of them. Register here)

With a morning session for the under 48 monthers, and an afternoon session for the older ones, this could solve many a problem for parents. Not only can you win yourself hours of freedom, but it means the little snot rockets will make presents for all the aunties. But if you have to stick around and look after the little one, have some fun yourself and let the Christmas spirit in.

Recommended if you like: Christmas fun, closing your eyes and listening to the sweet sweet sound of not being able to hear your kids, nurturing their creativity, lebkuchen, putting the kids to work and snacking on the fruits of their labor

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