we love handmade Weihnachtsmarkt - Vienna Würstelstand

we love handmade Weihnachtsmarkt

November 22, 2019

we love handmade

Hunt for handmade treasures at this lil’ Christmas market

we love handmade Weihnachtsmarkt

When: SAT, November 30, 11am–4:30pm
Where: Das Packhaus
Entry: free!

It’s time for Christmas markets and this one is all about handmade treasures. There will be mulled wine, there will be Christmas cookies, and there will be DIY workshops where you can make your own wreath, or design your own Christmas stationary (if this doesn’t turn you on, we don’t know what will!).

Recommended if you like: handmade products, Christmas markets, Christmas, Christmas presents, the color red, making things with your own two hands, watching other people make things while you drink mulled wine, singing “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus,” Christmas stationary

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