Watson // Cinema For Peace // Free Entry - Vienna Würstelstand

Watson // Cinema For Peace // Free Entry

July 26, 2020

Watson //
Cinema For
Peace //
Free Entry

Watch this VERY real underwater adventure

Watson // Cinema For Peace // Free Entry

When: MON, July 27, 7pm–8:30pm 
Where: schikaneder
Entry: free!

Living plastic-free has become a lifestyle for many, but for Paul Watson, fighting to preserve the environment is literally his entire life. The hardships, trauma, and beauty of what Greenpeace’s co-founder has experienced down under will be screened for all eyes to see at the bar and cinema, Schikaneder.

After the documentary, the audience (that’s you) is free to ask Robert Mach, director of Watson’s conservation ‘Sea Shepherd’, all your underwater related questions. Reserve your ticket on the event’s page www.schikaneder.at but don’t worry, the entrance is free. We’re shore of it. 😉

Recommended if you like: exploring the world, different cultures, traveling, politics and art mingling, watching historical documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bathrobe, talking to your pets because they’re your children

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