WAMP Designmarkt im MQ, May 25 - Vienna Würstelstand

WAMP Designmarkt im MQ, May 25

June 16, 2019

Vienna’s open air designer market 

WAMP Designmarkt im MQ

When: SAT, June 22, 11am–7pm
Where: In front of the Museumsquartier
Entry: Free!

Everybody together jumping into the air at the same time, and yell – WAMP! Spring weather dosen’t only mean the birds and other furry creatures, including humans, are making sweet tender love in the trees, but also that the open air events that we love return. WAMP brings a whole bunch of Eastern European and local designers together in a great atmosphere in front of Vienna’s MQ. There’s also usually a few food trucks supplying some tasty street food.

Recommended if you like: looking like an original, discovering what design is happening East of Vienna, food truck sandwiches, wearing a tote bag, never leaving the 7th district, beatboxing in the shower

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