Walhall [rapture of techno] - Vienna Würstelstand

Walhall [rapture of techno]

February 9, 2020

‘Techno is medicine for the mind’ – We’d agree!

Walhall [rapture of techno]

When: FRI, February 14, 11:30pm–6am
Where: B72
Entry: 5€

If the last time that you went to a rave was more than two weeks ago, you now basically know what you’ll be doing this Friday! The folks from Hekaton Techno are organizing an awesome Techno party at the B72! They’ll bring together different DJ’s from all over Vienna for this event. Oh, and FYI, the rave’s going to start at midnight, have fun!

Recommended if you like: grungy locations, sweating on the dancefloor, raving, glowsticks, dancing really, really fast, B72, parties that last till 6am, electronic music

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