waldviertelpur - Vienna Würstelstand


September 6, 2019

The Waldviertlers invade Vienna


When: WED–FRI, September 11–13, 11am–10pm
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: free!

Ever wondered how it is outside of the city? In the Wald, perhaps? Well, a whole bunch of Waldviertlers from the beautiful region of Vienna, the Waldviertel, will be setting up a fest in front of the Rathaus this week. Besides tasty food and drink from the region being served up from stands, you’ll be bombarded with music from the region. These events are always a lot of drinking, eating and fun-ning.

Recommended if you like: the Waldviertel, eating good regionally sourced food, culture, planning your new vacation, green places, meeting people with thick accents, the Wald

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