Vorhang auf: A Clockwork Orange - Vienna Würstelstand

Vorhang auf: A Clockwork Orange

July 3, 2020

Vorhang auf:
A Clockwork Orange

It’s a classic so why the hell not

Vorhang auf: A Clockwork Orange

When: FRI, July 10, October 31, 8:45pm–10:45pm
Where: Gartenbaukino
Entry: 9.50€ (8.50€ students), buy a ticket

One of the most infamous movies of our time is always worth a re-watch. This Friday, there will be a special Beethoven 2020 screening of A Clockwork Orange. Why Beethoven? Well, first of all, 2020 is a special Beethoven-year in Vienna (check our Beethoven facts article for details), and the film character Alex loves listening to ‘a little of the Ludwig Van’. You can catch all the gore and grim entertainment in the delightfully pretty settings of the Gartenbaukino this Friday.

Recommended if you like: infamously messed up movies, bowler hats, watching critically acclaimed movies on a big screen, popcorn, walking sticks, dressing all in white knowing you are going to get it messy, starry nights

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