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Vienna’s Ugly Tour – Best tours in Vienna

July 8, 2018

Vienna's Ugly Tour

Vienna’s Ugly Tour

How much does it cost? 10€

by appointment only, get in contact with the organisers space and place, here.

Meeting spot?

What will you learn on this tour in a few words: about the ugly, but interesting side of Vienna’s architecture

Beautiful has become boring in our world of Instagram and in which you rarely see an ugly selfie. While Vienna’s common image resembles an elegant swan wearing a tutu while performing a symphony on a piano it plays with its little beak, on this guided tour you’ll see something like an architectural freak show of 19 buildings that will make you go – “God damn, you ugly!” Printed in the ugliest font known to humankind, Comic Sans, are the words ‘Vienna Ugly’ on paper flapping in the wind on a stick Eugene has obviously snapped off of a tree shortly before the tour’s commencement. Or perhaps it’s all staged, and the stick he picked up a while back with the preconceived idea of how it would add to the whole tour’s ‘ugly’ theme.

Eugene Quinn is a Brit’, and the face of this tour celebrating the lovely ugly of Vienna, while his cheeky wit is what will swallow your attention whole as you hop from building to ugly building in Vienna’s 2nd district, Leopoldstadt. Violent buildings, buildings that look like a mathematical puzzle given up on by a maths professor that’s grown tired of it, a building on which a guy has painted his love life, dedicating every floor to a different past lover – it features an eye on it that cries when it rains and a blue penis spitting sperm. “There’s high competition in Vienna of buildings trying to get onto the Ugly tour,” explains Eugene. This is one very entertaining tour, and also a very informative one.

Also good to know… the organisation behind this tour, space and place, a raft of other kinds of tours, and they’re always different. Keep an eye on their website for details.


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