Vienna Wine Fest im MuseumsQuartier - Vienna Würstelstand

Vienna Wine Fest im MuseumsQuartier

April 23, 2019

Vienna Wine Fest
im MuseumsQuartier

Enjoy some sunshine, friends and wine

Vienna Wine Fest im MuseumsQuartier

When: FRI, May 10, 5pm–10pm
Where: Museumsquartier
Entry: 27€, groups of 4 or more: 25€; groups of 10 or more: 23 €, get ’em here

We have two words for you – a festival annnd lots of top-notch Austrian wines. Ok, that was a few more than 2 words. Wait…are we already drunk? Anyway…at this fancy festival that will take over the MQ, the wine tasting is included in the ticket price, so the only other things you will need are your good spirit and your brave liver.  If you’re into acting like a wine expert, we guarantee that this is the right place for ya’. Plus, there’ll also be the kind of food that pairs well with wine, like cheese and Blunzn (blood sausage). Wait – what?! Anyway, this is the perfect event to sample some of Austria’s greatest wines so get your gulpers ready

Recommended if you like: wine tastings, acting like you can distinguish different wine types from each other (and we’re not talking identifying the red from the white), food that goes with wine, drinking wine out of a glass, cheese and stuff, sunny days at the MQ, swirling wine around in a big glass and talking pretentiously about how it smells

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