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Vienna Urban Adventures – best tours in Vienna

July 23, 2018

Vienna Urban Adventures

Vienna Urban Adventures

How much does it cost?
Prices vary from 75–95€ with private tours available for a little bit more (children under 6 go for free).

MON–SAT: 9:30am (market tours)
MON–SAT: 4pm (evening tours)
check website for exact dates

Meeting spot?
Outside the Main Entrance of Stephansdom for the Market Tours and outside the Karlskirche for the Evening Tours.

What will you learn on this tour in a few words: You will catch a slightly different side of Vienna, a little out of your normal comfort zone.

A tour for people who have maybe found themselves in the same parts of Vienna, district-centric people or, for those who have just stepped off the boat and are ready to step out of the first district.

Wolfie and his team could take you on a number of different routes depending on who your guide is, with the aim being for them to show you their ‘Grätzel’. The second aim is to stuff you so full of food that you can barely complete the tour itself. We won’t reveal exactly where we went, because that would spoil the fun! We will tell you that you should definitely go hungry, as we ate our way through most of Vienna’s best sweet treats, switched to savoury before finishing with a Krapfen that was so light and fluffy that it was like eating an apricot stuffed cloud. And this from a district we had lived in, from a shop we had walked past, but never thought to go in. But these guys know these things.

With the recent introduction of their evening tours that follow roughly the same premise, except swapping the Coffee for Alcohol (soft drinks also available on request obviously) and the Wolfie promising more and exciting tours on the way, he mentioned something about wine… This is a site to keep an eye on as it will be a very good one for when people come to visit who have already been a few times.

Also good to know… The Australian firm is world wide, meaning that getting involved in one makes the others easier to find and, discounted, with all the tours semi connected.


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