Vienna Bachata Night @ Mi Barrio - Vienna Würstelstand

Vienna Bachata Night @ Mi Barrio

July 20, 2019

Dance all night at this Bachata party

Vienna Bachata Night

When: FRI, July 26, 9pm–3am
Where: Mi Barrio
Entry: 8€ (5€ students)

Get ready to go totally crazy to some Bachata and Samba music. We know you’ve got moves, either the ones you practiced in front of the mirror, or the ones that just come out naturally. And this is the perfect place to show them off. You can even participate at the Bachata Workshop at 9pm and add some new moves to your catalog. The workshop costs 5€ for students and 8€ otherwise. See ya at the dance off.

Recommended if you like: Samba, Bachata, dancing, showing off your dance skills, dance-offs with your friends, sweet drinks with some vodka in it, Mi Barrio

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