Vernissage Peter Sengl - Vienna Würstelstand

Vernissage Peter Sengl

January 17, 2020

Schmooze with fellow art-lovers at the opening of this exhibition of intriguing paintings

Vernissage Peter Sengl

When: WED, January 22, 7pm
Where: Galerie Gerersdorfer
Entry: Free!

Artist Peter Sengl will be present at the opening of his new exhibition at the Galerie Gerersdorfer. His paintings facilitate a dialogue with selected masterpieces of classical modernism and result in an eclectic body of work which places itself between traditional role models and new artistic creations. The titles of his pictures are said to be “exude[d] in the picture, visible, explaining”. If they require further explanation, perhaps you can ask him in person after you’ve had a drink or two. The exhibition is open until March 7th.

Recommended if you like: art exhibitions, going to a vernissage so you can brag to your friends that you saw the exhibition before them, having your paintings stuck on the fridge by mum & dad, paintings, Egon Shiele

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