Valentinstag im Ignaz Jahn

Valentinstag im Ignaz Jahn <3

February 10, 2019

Valentinstag im
Ignaz Jahn <3

Enjoy a love feast at Ignaz Jahn

Valentinstag im Ignaz Jahn <3

When: THU–SAT, February 14–16, 12pm–12am
Where: Ignaz Jahn

Entry: 36€ per person

At Ignaz Jahn you’ll be in for a special Valentine’s Day treat this week. From Thursday to Saturday they’ll be serving a special menu that is full of love. Check out their menu – they’ve even got a vegan option!

Recommended if you like: doing the rooty tooty with socks on, having your toes sucked, traveling with food, the Magdas hotel, taking any chance to celebrate how much you love your mating partner…or how nice of a butt they’ve got

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