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Valentine’s Day & World Single Day

February 10, 2019

Valentine's Day &
World Single Day

Enjoy being single, or in love this month on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day & World Single Day

In China, there’s a day in the month of November on which unattached bachelors and bachelorettes celebrate being single. It’s one seriously big festival. Now, while we don’t know if it’s official and if UNESCO has endorsed it (wink, wink), somebody has declared on the world wide web that February 13 (not an accident this is the day before Valentine’s day) is the World Single day.

We’d suggest (which we’d suggest for every month) celebrate being single for the whole of February in whatever way makes you happy, whether it be waking up in different person’s bed every Sunday morning, or just dancing like mad in your living room to your favourite music while enjoying being alone.

However, if you’ve found the love of your life, hold them tight, make love to them several times, and perhaps indulge in something special. Be sure to check our lovers and singles guide where we’ve got a few tips for you on what to do for this year’s Valentine’s Day in Vienna.

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