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Urban Vienna

November 13, 2017

A weekend looking at the future of the urban lifestyle

Urban Vienna

When: FRI–SUN, November 17–19 | FRI: 1pm–6pm, SAT–SUN: 10:30am–6pm
Where: Novomatic Forum
Entry: 5€

Urban Vienna is a weekend-long exhibition and conference that looks at how we might live in the future in our urban habitats. Eco-friendly companies looking to the future will be put in focus, while the exhibition showcases current trends, the range of possibilities of how our societies will evolve technologically, with an emphasis on AI thrown in there, of course. If you like to think of how we’re heading towards a better and more sustainable future, we’d suggest you check out this fair!

Recommended if you like: going to fairs and just staring at stuff, thinking about the future of urban environments, the idea of green urban environments, keeping up-to-date with world changing developments, Tesla, electric cars and stuff, being an earl adopter

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