Unheimlich ins Tarab - Vienna Würstelstand

Unheimlich ins Tarab

October 25, 2019

Get spooky and jiggy with it at the Arena Wien this Halloween

Unheimlich ins Tarab

When: THU, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: Arena Wien
Entry: tba

What could be a more spooky location than a slaughter house turned concert venue? The party crew behind the “Journey to Tarab” parties are behind this shindig, so you can be sure of two things – there’ll be good music and an open-minded crowd hanging around the place. All pre-sale tickets are already sold out, so you should show up a little earlier to catch a ticket at the doors. For more information check out the events page. This is a contender for one of the best events to head to on Halloween.

Recommended if you like: dressing up as your favourite movie character, making out with a witch, meeting new people, scaring the shit out of stranger, Arena Wien

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