This Human World film festival – vienna würstelstand

This Human World film festival

December 1, 2017

A film with a unique focus: Human Rights

This Human World film festival

When: November 30 – December 10
Where: various locations, check the program, here.
Entry: Varies per location

This is Vienna’s 2nd largest film festival and one that comes with a plenty of powerful messages in powerful films that will have you thinking about the big wide world. This Human World presents more than 100 documentary and fictional feature films, short films, animations and experimental films dealing with human rights issues, in 11 days. Films that aim to encourage people to scrutinise and re-examine their views and raise awareness about human rights and our responsibilities as fellow humans. Don’t keep going on about how the world’s turning to shit on your Facebook feed – get educated at this fascinating festival.

Recommended if you like: trying to understand issues bigger than you, being an active and responsible world citizen, being a film fanatic, watching documentaries

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