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The Vienna Senf Fest

September 2, 2018

Don’t miss our event!

The Vienna Senf Fest

When: THU, September 6th, 6pm
Where: West.Bar.Die Pop-Up Bar beim WestLicht
Entry: Pay as you wish, all donations go towards crowdfunding Vienna Würstelstand’s fun and fresh new video channel, vienna senf (More info. here)

(insert dramatic drum roll here) Vienna Würstelstand presents: the VIENNA SENF FEST

Here’s the deal – we’re calling on Vienna Würstelstand’s community to show us some love by helping us crowdfund our new video channel, vienna senf.

In return, to launch the crowdfunding campaign, we’re throwing you one hell of a PARTY! (ain’t no party like a vienna senf part-ay!)

In the awesome location of the pop-up WestBar. Die Pop-Up Bar beim WestLicht there will be:

+ Brazilian Maracatu drummer band, Maracatu Caxinguelê will be performing to kick the party off!

+ the talented guest DJs from the Heimlich collective, Marisa Sarah Mo & m ë x providing some Downtempo Techno type beats. Here’s a taste of their sound:

+ The mighty Wrapstars serving up their fat, flavoursome & no bulls** wraps!

+ the beautiful crowd from WestBar serving up summer drinks

+ a piñata (because what’s a party without a piñata)

+ a ‘I hate/love Vienna’ video booth in which you can tell us why you hate/love Vienna on video

+ a kid’s pool filled with senf (this one is on the maybe list, but could you imagine!)

+ and the BIGGEST song release of the year! (we’ve produced a awesome super Schlager tune to prove to you how much we love this city.

This ain’t your typical crowdfunding party. NOPE! We’re calling on the people power of the Vienna Würstelstand community to help us make their magazine even better.

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