FM4 Indiekiste mit The Twilight Sad - Vienna Würstelstand

FM4 Indiekiste mit The Twilight Sad

October 30, 2019

FM4 Indiekiste mit
The Twilight Sad

Experience ear-splitting soungs from these Scottish Indie-rockers

FM4 Indiekiste mit The Twilight Sad

When: TUE, November 5, 7:30pm–11pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: 27.40€, buy a ticket

Most of the time, bands don’t sound exactly as their name suggests. Smashing Pumpkins don’t sound like the drummer is making Kürbisöl, and The Doors don’t sound like, well… doors (hmm, actually…). But The Twilight Sad sound pretty much exactly how you’d imagine someone feeling low and driving around at sunset might sound. Hailing from Scotland, these Post-punk, Indie rockers have been together for 12 years and their live performances are notoriously loud, and are often described as “completely ear-splitting”. So look after those delicate lugholes of yours.

Recommended if you like: music so loud you can’t hear it when your friends tell you it’s your round at the bar, Post-punk, Indie rock, partying in intimate locations that are so intimate you’re wearing other people’s sweat, Scottish bands

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