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The Third Man tour – Sewer Tour – Best tours in Vienna

July 8, 2018

The Third Man tour

The Third Man tour – Sewer Tour

How much does it cost?
Adults: 10€
Students: 8 €

When (May–October)
THU–SUN: every full hour from 10am–8pm
(last tour 7pm)

Meeting spot?
Karlsplatz-Girardipark, 1010

What will you learn on this tour in a few words: about the subterranean world of Vienna’s sewer system and about the film, The Third Man

Even if you don’t know the old Orson Welles film, The Third Man, that was set in Vienna, or even if you don’t give a flying frangipani about the film, this is a tour well worth doing. But you should be prepared to handle some pretty putrid smells when you sign up for it, which is pretty understandable for a tour that heads through the sewers. That’s right, the Third Man tour will give you the rare chance to venture underground and learn about the whole other world down there that was built a long while back. Of course, the main focus of the tour is of the scenes of the Third Man movie that played out down in the sewers where good ol’ Harry Lime is running from the law. We do recommend that if you haven’t seen the film, you do go catch it on the big screen (They have screenings of it regularly showing at the Burg Kino as it is an awesome film if you like the pace of the old classics. It will make the tour more worthwhile and also make it more believable when you spontaneously get into character as Harry Lime during the tour.


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