The Sonic Dawn (Heavy Psych / DK) - Vienna Würstelstand

The Sonic Dawn (Heavy Psych / DK)

February 8, 2019

The Sonic Dawn
(Heavy Psych / DK)

Get out to see this Heavy Psych band

The Sonic Dawn (Heavy Psych / DK)

When: TUE, February 12, 8pm–11pm
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: 8€ jugendinfo wien, 12€ at the door

Nothing like a psychedelic Tuesday, that’s what we always say. Get your little hippie booty out of the house and catch The Sonic Dawn at fluc + fluc wanne. Keep the peace and get a taste of the music, here:

Recommended if you like: Heavy Psych music (we didn’t know that was a genre but you learn something new every day, right?), music that’s inspired by music from the 60s, lots of colors, impaired senses, live musicians who sell albums (is there another kind?), fluc + fluc wanne

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