The Monami Supersoft-Opening - Vienna Würstelstand

The Monami Supersoft-Opening

September 11, 2020

The Monami

Have some Spritzers at Monami’s soft reopening

The Monami Supersoft-Opening

When: TUE–MON, September 15–September 21, 6pm–1am
Where: Mon Ami
Entry: free!

The beloved 6th district bar, Monami, is FINALLY opening up again after what seems like light-years of a Corona-hiatus. One paint-job of a very fitting baby-elephant-grey later, and we’re allowed to get back out there (well, in there, actually) to carry on with one of our favourite pastime in this wonderful place – sippin’ on some Spritz’ and flirting with anybody who’s mad enough to listen to us.

Recommended if you like: supporting businesses after a certain pandemic hit and they’ve been struggling, getting some Spritzers and having a gossip, lounging on comfy sofas, feeling right at home, bars that kinda’, sort of, maybe feel like your Oma’s living room, chilled bars with a sexy vibe

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