The Mindfulness LAB - TOUCH - Vienna Würstelstand

The Mindfulness LAB – TOUCH

February 9, 2020

Suffering from high anxiety? This could help relieve some stress

The Mindfulness LAB – TOUCH

When: TUE, February 11, 10am–1:30pm
Where: WishWell
Entry: 48€, request a ticket

Fit & Mindful specialise in sessions and workshops to teach and practice yoga and mindfulness. Their Mindfulness LAB (held in English) aims to bring body and mind in harmony. If, like us, the current gloomy weather, eternal darkness and horror at seeing your heating bill are causing high anxiety and you need some respite from the world, this sounds a good place to start.

Recommended if you like: mindfulness, yoga, meditation, having your head in the clouds not on the ground, relaxation, chilling the eff out, feeling as flexible as a 14 year old again, listening to Zero 7, breathing deeply

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