The Gaslamp Killer // Wien - Vienna Würstelstand

The Gaslamp Killer // Wien

July 4, 2019

Check out this healthy salad made up of all kinds of music and dance to it

The Gaslamp Killer // Wien

When: THU, July 11, 9pm–2am
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: 15€  , get your tickets here

This DJ out of LA really has no limits to his musical gusto. He literally puts everything he likes, all kinds of sounds, together into one, and makes it sound good. Hip-Hop, Rock, Psychedelic sounds, Dubstep – really anything. So check him out and enjoy this concert!

Recommended if you like: putting anything you find in your kitchen into a bowl and calling it a salad, music with no borders, music with no boundaries, discovering new artists, hairy men, Fluc Wanne

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