The Cindy Sherman Effect - Vienna Würstelstand

The Cindy Sherman Effect

February 11, 2020

Check out this exhibition full of selfies

The Cindy Sherman Effect

When: WED, Jan 29 – SUN, July 19
Where: Kunstforum Wien
Entry: 11€

Cindy Sherman’s pictures are among the all-time classics of staged photography. With her work, which consists exclusively of self-portraits depicting herself in various situations as different characters, she tries to address topics such as identity, transformation and the myriad roles of women in society. A few years ago, one of them was sold for almost four million dollars at auction, making it the most expensive photo ever sold at that time. We wish our selfies were worth that much!

Recommended if you like: photography, important female artists, photos with a meaning behind them, taking selfies, looking at photos of other people on Instagram, getting inspiration for improving your selfie game

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