The Children - Vienna Würstelstand

The Children

September 6, 2019

Tense English theatre from one of its brightest stars

The Children

When: September 13–October 19
Where: Vienna’s English Theatre
Entry: 26€–49€, buy a ticket

Lucy Kirkwood is one of the hottest young playwrights in the UK. Her play, Chimerica, about the ‘Tank Man’ photographer during the Tiananmen Square protests won awards and has since been turned into a TV series. She followed this up with the play, The Children, a more sombre affair, and nominated for various Tony awards when it featured on Broadway. Vienna’s English Theatre is now bringing their own version to the stage. It’s about a couple of retired nuclear engineers in a remote cottage on the British East coast. An old friend unexpectedly turns up at their door, disrupting everything…

Recommended if you like: the theeeeaatre daaahling, theatre productions, stroking your chin, being the one looking through those little binoculars no one else uses at the theatre, watching tense things unfold, having a more cultured Tinder profile than everyone else (and therefore never getting any matches).

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