The 1975 & Two Door Cinema Club - Vienna Würstelstand

The 1975 & Two Door Cinema Club

July 4, 2019

The 1975 &
Two Door Cinema

A Monday night for Indie Rock fans

The 1975 & Two Door Cinema Club

When: MON, July 8, 4:30pm
Where: Metastadt, Dr–Otto–Neurath–Gasse 3
Entry: €46,90

The 1975 are one of the most exciting British music acts in the past years. The Manchester Indie Rock band released hit after hit, took on some of the world’s most importatant stages (auch as the SXWX in Texas) and are now stopping in Vienna for a night to remember. Especially worth mentioning is that they bring along the sweet sounding Two Door Cinema Club and The Japanese House!!

Recommended if you like: open-air concerts, Indie Rock music, concerts that feel like small festivals, British music, beer, parties on a Monday, trending music, bands that put up a great show.

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