Thanksgiving 2017 – vienna würstelstand

Thanksgiving 2017

November 16, 2017

Americans, pay attention! – Thanksgiving dinner is happening at Hard Rock Cafe Vienna

Thanksgiving 2017

When: THU, November 23, 11:30am–12am
Where: Hard Rock Cafe
Entry: 40.35€/person, reserve here

The American burger bar, Hard Rock Cafe, is celebrating the American tradition, Thanksgiving, with all those who are missing their favourite holiday back home enough to turn up. There’ll be a 4-course-meal served up, including pumpkin soup, roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, a chunky piece of Turkey breast with mushroom bacon filling, and a butter pecan cheesecake to top it all off! 

Recommended if you like: Thanksgiving holidays, celebrating your own traditional festivities, big-ass Turkeys with filling, roast potatoes, being American, dinners that involve more than 3 courses, pumpkin pie

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