textstrom Poetry Slam im Dezember - Vienna Würstelstand

textstrom Poetry Slam im Dezember

December 1, 2019

Get out to this poetry slam

textstrom Poetry Slam im Dezember

When: SAT, December 7, 7:39pm–10:30pm
Where: Brunnenpassage
Entry: pay as you can!

Of all the poetry slams, this seems a bit more grungy, a bit more underground. Get out and watch others perform their poetry or get on stage yourself! Sign up to perform at the venue and be one of 10 people to go 2 rounds (5 min each) performing their poetry live (and with feeling).

Recommended if you like: poetry slams, the masters of words themselves, getting up on stage and performing your poetry in front of other people, going just to watch because getting on stage makes you want to puke, pretending you’re a superhero when nobody’s watching, letting it all out in public

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