Terrace Opening Party - Vienna Würstelstand

Terrace Opening Party

June 6, 2019

Celebrate the terrace opening at Motto am Fluss

Terrace Opening Party

When: WED, June 12, 6pm–11pm
Where: Motto am Fluss
Entry: TBA

Motto am Fluss is opening the doors to their terrace for the summer! The doors are conceptual, of course. There are no doors to a terrace which is already outdoors. You know what we mean. Anyway, let’s celebrate the season, shall we? A few drinks and DJs should be a good way to get the good vibes flowing. Get in the mood, here:

Recommended if you like: partying outdoors, cool restaurants with terrace parties, having a drink or 7 on the terrace looking out over the Danube river (around drink 6 you’ll be wondering if taking a swim would be a good idea or a bad idea), Motto am Fluss

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