Taco Tuesday | Taco Tante - Vienna Würstelstand

Taco Tuesday | Taco Tante

June 2, 2019

Eat tacos until you pop

Taco Tuesday | Taco Tante

When: every Tuesday, 5pm–12am
Where: Taco Tante
Entry: free!
Special offer: buy one taco, get one free

Taco Tante is having Taco Tuesday. And, now that we’ve said that, you’ve probably stopped reading and are RUNNING to Taco Tante to wait for Tuesday to come. But we’ll just go ahead and tell (probably) nobody that the tacos will be buy one get one free and there will be all sorts of crazy drink specials as well. Now that we’ve said that, we’re heading to Taco Tante to wait for Tuesday to come!

Recommended if you like: tacos, eating lots of tacos without paying lots for them, seeing if you can get an entire taco in your mouth at one time (jk, that’s not possible…or is it?), wearing a sombrero the entire day because you’re so excited for Taco Tuesday, Taco Tante

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