Superheldinnen-Verkleidungen & -kostüme kreieren - Vienna Würstelstand

Superheldinnen-Verkleidungen & -kostüme kreieren

July 29, 2019

Superheldinnen-Verkleidungen & -kostüme kreieren

Do something fun with your kids this weekend

Superheldinnen-Verkleidungen & -kostüme kreieren

When: FRI & SAT, August 2 & 3, 9am–1pm
Where: Recycling-Kosmos
Entry: 5€ per child, register via

Wanna’ get rid of your annoying child that you love so much? Then this event is a good one for you. No, you can´t sell your child here. But your little buddy will probably forget about you when busy creating costumes of superheroes, or anything they wish, along with many others. There´ll be four of these events happening in the coming two months. Check out the events facebook page for more information.

Recommended if you like: making friends with other children, dressing up ridiculously, playing hide and seek, superheroes, costumes, going all crazy,  laughing at your child’s weak artistic skills, being all artsy fartsy even though you’re not skilled at all

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