Sunday Soul Sessions | Tortured Soul - Vienna Würstelstand

Sunday Soul Sessions | Tortured Soul

October 30, 2019

Sunday Soul Sessions
Tortured Soul

Hear the slick and funky grooves from these funky Brooklynites

Sunday Soul Sessions | Tortured Soul

When: SUN, November 10, 7:30pm–10:30pm
Where: Heart Club
Entry: 12€, buy a ticket

Brooklyn’s, Tortured Soul, have been making music funkier than the smell of The Third Man sewer tour since 2001. Their influences include Prince, Heatwave and Kool & The Gang, and they sound at times like Acid Jazz funksters, Jamiroquai. Lenny Kravitz says their music is “something I’d wake up to on a Saturday morning when the sun is coming through the window”. But what if it’s raining, Lenny? He’s probably paid a guy to raise a giant orange circle outside his window once a week. Anyway, this is bound to be a slick and tightly performed night of soulful jams to get you dancing your socks off.

Recommended if you like: waking up next to Lenny Kravitz at the weekend, Jamiroquai, Acid Jazz music, men who sing really high while someone slaps a bass in a funky manner, music performed by musicians who have mastered their craft

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