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September is Sturm season!

There’s a Sturm a’ brewing

September is Sturm season!

When: all September long, almost!
Where: various locations in Vienna (and also in supermarkets)

September is Sturm season! If you visit a Heuriger at this time of year, you’ll be able to sip on the sweet and sour delight of Sturm. The semi-fermented, alcoholic grape juice made from the first grapes of the wine harvest season is a tradition that has played out for many years in Austria’s wine taverns. And it’s a drink worth experiencing in amongst the changing colours of Autumn happening in Vienna’s wine hills at this time of year. Watch the brown leaves fall to the ground, and let the Sturm keep you warm.

Recommended if you like: semi-fermented drings, grape juice with a twist, running to and fro’ the toilet if you drink too much, first signs of autumn

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