Street Food Market Döbling - Vienna Würstelstand

Street Food Market Döbling

May 10, 2019

Street Food
Market Döbling

Eat until you can eat no more in Döbling

Street Food Market Döbling

When: May 17, 2pm–May 18, 9pm
Where: Sonnbergplatz, 1190 Wien
Entry: free!

Try a little of every food at this street fair and you will be our new hero! No points off for vomiting. Do what you have to do. We’ll be trying all the sweet stuff. We heard they have good sweet stuff in Döbling. Actually we just had lunch and we’re really craving dessert so we’re just hoping they have good sweet stuff. See you at the dessert table!

Recommended if you like: food, eating food until you vomit and then continuing to eat more, the food coma you get after eating too much, eating in the sun all day which will inevitably lead to a food coma, desserts, eating all the sweet stuff in sight, Döbling

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