Standlwanderung mit Wienerlied - Vienna Würstelstand

Standlwanderung mit Wienerlied

September 22, 2019

mit Wienerlied

Dedicate your Friday evening to a hiking journey around one of Vienna’s markets

Standlwanderung mit Wienerlied

When: FRI, October 4, 4pm–9pm
Where: Meidlinger Markt
Entry: free

This Friday, four Viennese Wienerlied bands will be performing while walking around a market. They’re calling it the Standlwanderung, which is a hiking tour around the market stalls at the Meidlinger Markt, with music. Because there’s plenty of different choices for food options. Plus, the music will make for an awesome experience. Wiener Kabinett Orchester, Da Weana, Fiakerfiasko, and Manfred Chromy’s Texas–Schrammelduo (not particularly in this order) are going to accompany the walking tour with their music.

Recommended if you like: singing and hiking (mutually done tho), farmers markets, wandering around in your dress shoes, typical Viennese music, getting yourself a Käs–Leberkäs (meatloaf with extra cheese) as a treat, the sound of the accordion

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