Springfestival Graz 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

Springfestival Graz 2019

June 1, 2019

Attend the wedding of Electronic Art and Music in Graz

Springfestival Graz 2019

When: WED–SUN, June 19−23
Where: various locations in Graz
Entry: from 10€, buy a ticket

Some time ago, someone said that Graz was boring. We guess the city took that very personally, as this 4-day event proves such rubbish statements wrong as it attracts all music and art junkies from around central Europe. Offering a vast lineup of DJs combined with multiple exhibitions and galleries, this event will more than satisfy your cravings for culture while making your legs dance with pure inertia. Although popular belief might have you think that this is just another rave, the fact is that this event is more focused on the Art within the Electronic arts. DJs will showcase new mixes and tracks.. Check out the full line-up.

To get there you’ll need… apart from the obvious train or bus ticket, you definitely need 3 sandwiches, 1 for yourself, 1 for the driver (in case you decide to try to hitchhike there) and 1 for the person who agrees to let you sleep on their couch for the duration of the festival.

This event is special because… it will perfectly combine the fun of socialising and partying with the sublime experience of listening to some very talented DJs at work

Recommended if you like: twisting your head to “get the bigger picture”, you have your mind on your glitter and your glitter on your mind, laying on gra(ss)z while enjoying a nice beat and a refreshing spritzer, getting home when the birds are chirping, having nothing to lose, one day of stubble

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