Spieltage im Rathaus 2020 - Vienna Würstelstand

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Spieltage im Rathaus 2020

Make the Rathaus your own playgrounds with the kids

Spieltage im Rathaus

When: WED–SAT, February 5–8, 2pm–7pm
Where: Rathaus
Entry: free!

During the Spieltage in February, the Rathaus will be transformed into a huge world of play and games for four entire days. Play around with the latest children’s and family games and toys, invent your own games, try new console games and get busy with lots of other fun things happening there.

Recommended if you like: board games, going on adventures, making new friends, forgetting to eat because you’re so into the game, embracing your inner nerd, being a sore loser and throwing the board game when you lose

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