Sorry We Missed You - Vienna Würstelstand

Sorry We Missed You

June 26, 2020

Watch this movie about the hardships of a struggling family

Sorry We Missed You

When: MON, June 29, 9pm–11pm
Where: Kino am Dach
Entry: 10€ (9€ students), buy a ticket

Outdoor cinemas are back and so is the legendary Kino am Dach on top of the city’s main library, and this time they’re showing a film about the life of a struggling family that’s trying to get out of debt. As father, Ricky, embarks on his new career as a self-employed delivery driver, and his wife as a carer, things don’t become any easier.

Recommended if you like: experiencing other people’s reality through film, crying under the starry sky, cuddling up next to your boo, rooting for the protagonists, British accents, hoping everyone is happy at the end

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