Sophia (UK) – vienna würstelstand

Sophia (UK)

November 16, 2017

Melancholic Indie Rock @ B72

Sophia (UK)

When: WED, November 29, 8pm–11:30pm
Where: B72
Entry: 19.80€, get tickets here

If you associate with any of the following – going through a sad stage in your life, always being sad, or are looking to become more sad – then Sophia and lead singer Robin Proper-Sheppard will have you enjoying sadness throughout their melancholic Indie rock. While the lead singer is apparently on a slightly more positive track with his new album these days, we still suggest you bring kleenex. Get a taster of this Wednesday’s show at B72, here:

Recommended if you like: taking dark pictures, writing philosophical texts on your Facebook feed, remembering the good old days, waking up with a headache because you were up too long thinking about where the world is going, red wine

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