Sophia Süßmilch KOKON - Vienna Würstelstand

Sophia Süßmilch KOKON

October 30, 2019

Don’t miss the opening of the art exhibition KOKON 

Sophia Süßmilch KOKON

When: THU, November 7, 7pm
Where: Galerie Krobath
Entry: free

This Thursday, ‘Galerie Krobath’ is opening its doors for the new exhibition, ‘Kokon’. The person behind it is a German artist, Sophia Süßmilch (translated Sweet milk), who constantly travels and lives (somewhere) between Vienna and Munich. She tackles topics like acid rain and the placenta in her exhibition. Curious? We, sure are.

Recommended if you like: art galleries, nudity, artsy things, networking, pretending to know a thing or two about art, women with big tattoos, having an excuse for dressing up in your glittery silk dress and green coat, being oh so artsy

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