Sonnscheinbazar - Der Sonntagsflohmarkt - Vienna Würstelstand

Sonnscheinbazar – Der Sonntagsflohmarkt

September 12, 2020

Sonnscheinbazar -
Der Sonntagsflohmarkt

Go fleamarket hunting on a Sunday!

Sonnscheinbazar – Der Sonntagsflohmarkt

When: every Sunday, 10am–3pm
Where: Metastadt
Entry: free!

Mondscheinbazar is back for a Sunday sunshine edition at Metastadt, and this time it will actually be a fleamarket during the day! Hence, why they’ve called it Sonnscheinbazar. The market will offer up a vast hall filled with tables and racks full of handmade things, second-hand stuff, designer clothes, accessories and jewellery, as well as a bunch of the hippest food trucks Vienna has to offer.

Don’t forget to bring your facemask – it’s mandatory for this event to wear one!

Recommended if you like: moon light shopping during the day, unique locations, travelling for a bit to do some shopping, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt, eating and drinking in your shopping breaks,

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